Rising Above Ministries Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1 - Meet Our Staff


In this episode, we discuss:

Local Impact

Easter Eggstravaganza, Heroes' Ball, Fall Festival, Hang Time, Coffee Talk

Nationwide Impact 

By the Brook: Retreat for Moms of children with special needs, SOAR: Retreat for Dads of children with special needs, For Jonathan's Sake Training 

Worldwide Impact

Downloadable Conferences (currently available):

"Love Well" Moms Retreat

"This Is My Story" Moms Retreat (COMING OCTOBER 4, 2019)

Downloadable Bible Studies (currently available):

Seeing Jesus


Favorite Quotes:

1. Everyone's {marriage vows} are tested, ours were really tested. There were a lot of things that the enemy could've used to destroy our marriage...but it actually drew us closer together. We want to help other couples learn how to navigate that.

2. Wherever you are, we desire to connect with you and build community when you may feel like you don't have any around you.

3. I want more than anything for when a special needs family gets a new diagnosis...that Rising Above is a resource for them.

4. Vulnerability can be scary, but the reward is so much greater than the fear.


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