Rising Above For Jonathan's Sake Workshops

One of the deepest desires we have at Rising Above is to help churches learn how to engage, appreciate, and accommodate the special needs community. The reality is, if a family feels unwelcome at a church because they have a child with special needs, it is likely the church will lose that entire family. The number of families we have encountered  who have felt rejected by the church is alarming and we want to help change that.

To that end, Rising Above offers a workshop for churches called For Jonathan’s Sake. In this workshop we train your staff how to develop a disability ministry, recruit and train volunteers, and implement inclusion practices so that individuals with special needs feel safe and accepted. We call the the fully-inclusive church the “Luke 14 Church.” These churches engage special-need families with a variety of ministries and programing. The programing helps revolutionize a church’s ability to minister to those with special needs, including family members.

To schedule a For Jonathan’s Sake Workshop for your church or organization please contact use using the form below. We will be happy to assist you.

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