Seeing Jesus Bible Study (Small Group 2-20 People)

Seeing Jesus Bible Study (Small Group 2-20 People)


This Bible Study is for groups with 2-20 people. If you are purchasing for individual access or a group with 21+ people, please purchase the appropriate group or individual Bible study from the resources page.

Seeing Jesus in the Details is an encouraging 4-part devotional series that will remind and encourage readers that Jesus can be found in even the smallest details of our lives.  Includes four devotional readings, discussion questions, and prayer prompts. After purchasing, you will receive a PDF download of the Bible study.

"Jesus is in the details. It always seems to amaze me how He places Himself right in the epi-center of our lives. Yet, we often fail to see Him or don’t acknowledge those seemingly insignificant “coincidences” as Jesus. If we can lean in to see His presence in our lives in those very small aspects, I believe we can begin to see our lives are filled, and even overflowing, with Jesus."

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