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The Rising Above staff is passionate about helping churches and ministries around the country. We are excited to minister together to bring hope and encouragement to the Special Needs Community!


Becky Davidson

Becky speaks passionately as someone who “gets it” because of her own experience as a special needs mom and widow. Becky shares her heart in a new book co-written with her late husband, Jeff, Common Man, Extraordinary Call: Thriving as the Dad of a Child with Special Needs (available at Amazon, Lifeway, and You can learn more about her story and her approach to life  at


Christine pierce

Christine has years of experience in children’s ministry and event planning. She is also gifted at adapting curriculum to meet your church’s needs. She is leading a breakout at Inclusion Fusion this year helping churches design events to reach the special needs community.


Kim Thorpe

Kim is passionate about seeing the local church embrace and include children and adults of all abilities. She can talk to your church and children’s ministry leaders about practical “How To’s” in starting and maintaining a special needs ministry at your church.

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