Young teachers

Last week our Rising Above Cookeville chapter held a Vacation Bible School for our local special needs kids. We had 24 amazing special needs children participate in the annual event. All the activities and programs are adapted for these kids, and we have peer buddies accompany and assist them. This year a young, sweet, cute little girl named Abby came for the first time. Abby is a tiny, legally blind six-year old girl who fast became enamored with my son Jon Alex, a 14 year-old non verbal boy with autism and cerebral palsy. Her buddy took her hand and guided her in exploring Jon Alex's wheelchair and explained that he can't walk on his own. The next day Abby asked if she could be Jon Alex's "buddy" and push his chair for him. (He is probably three or four times her size.)  We took this picture and I just can't get enough of it. Every time I see this, I think there are some powerful lessons being taught here for all of us.  And I keep thinking of how much we can all learn from what I see going on here.

What about you? What does this image evoke in you? How would you caption this photo? What do you think this illustrates or teaches us all? Leave a comment on what you think or how this speaks to you if it does.Image