With Every Breath

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“I’ve made it my life’s mission to go after special needs dads...” – Jeff Davidson


Jeff spoke these words to the moms who attended Rising Above’s “By the Brook Retreat” in June of 2016. The very next day he entered the hospital fighting yet another health crisis.


He declared once again, with deep conviction, his passion for helping dads stay committed to this race. He did not want them to miss out on the gift that being a special needs dad can be. He did not want them to quit.



In the spring of 2017, Jeff signed a contract with Kregel Publications to write a book for fathers of children with special needs. This opportunity was a dream come true for him. It represented another way he could extend his hand to his brothers. He wanted to challenge and encourage them. He wanted to share things he had learned, and help young dads avoid the pitfalls he knew so well. He wanted to start a revolution! ...a movement of men who were committed to their families, to each other, and to the special needs community.


Even during the last week of his life, when he was off and on a ventilator and barely hanging onto life, he asked his mother to bring his computer to the hospital so he could work on the book.


Think about that.


With his every breath, Jeff wanted to make a difference for this community - especially for the dads.


What dads do you know that need this help? Think about them by name and make a list.


I am asking you to join me in helping make Jeff’s dream a reality.



By the grace of God and with tremendous help, I am thrilled to announce that the manuscript for Jeff’s book is complete and will soon be with the publisher. There is still much to be done, but the book is expected to be published and available in the months ahead.


Would you make a list of the men you know who need this book? Maybe you know them personally, or maybe you just know of them. After you have your written list, will you join me in praying that the hearts of each one of these men will be fresh soil, tilled and made ready for this message?


Help me prepare the fields for this seed of revolution! Let’s watch God move on the hearts of our men. Let’s prepare the way.


Good ground = a bountiful harvest.


This is where a grassroots movement begins - at the “ground” level.


Please pray with me for good ground in unexpected places. If you are willing to join me would you comment below?


“Listen! A farmer went to plant seed. Some seeds were planted along the road, and birds came and devoured them. Other seeds were planted on rocky ground, where there wasn’t much soil. The plants sprouted quickly because the soil wasn’t deep. When the sun came up, they were scorched. They didn’t have any roots, so they withered. Other seeds were planted among thorn bushes. The thorn bushes grew up and choked them, and they didn’t produce anything. But other seeds were planted on good ground, sprouted, and produced thirty, sixty, or one hundred times as much as was planted.” He added, “Let the person who has ears listen!”      Mark 4:3-9



(c) Becky Davidson 2018