Week Two- Day Three Book Group Discussion Questions

No More Vacant Dads  


Week 2 (Wednesday)

In Chapter 5, “Chosen and Called”, Jeff writes, “Most people don’t choose to be parents of children with special needs. That’s why God chooses them. They don’t grasp why he chooses them, and for many, they don’t understand why they were called and chosen for this life.”

Is it hard for you to grasp that you were chosen to be the parent of a child with special needs?

How do you reconcile believing  that you were chosen for this role when you face  so many struggles as a special-needs parent?

Further in the chapter Jeff compares Mary, the mother of Jesus, to special-needs moms.

Have you ever thought of that comparison before? What were your thoughts when you read that in the book?

What similarities do you see when you compare Mary’s life to the life of a special-needs mom?