Week Two Day Five Book Group Discussion Questions

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As we wrap us this week’s book discussions we will look at Chapter 6, “The Gift and the Gift-keepers”.

  At the beginning of the chapter, Jeff shares the account from the New Testament of Jesus and the woman at the well. In what ways can you relate to the woman at the well?

  Describe how you see your child as a gift.

Also in this chapter Jeff tells of an experience Jon Alex and Becky had at Wal-Mart. Can you recall  a time when fear almost kept you from doing something with your child? What would you have missed if fear had won out?

On page 83, Jeff explains that those of us who care for an individual with special needs lay down our lives each and every day. And by doing so, we are embodying the essence of the Gospel. In what specific ways have you laid down your life for your child?

  Share your thoughts on how what we do daily as special-needs parents is the essence of the Gospel.