Week Three Day Three Book Group Discussion Questions

Joshua 1 5WAKE UP, DADS!

  1. Have you had to readjust your view of “what matters” like the Father/Son relationship Jeff discusses in Chapter 8?
  2. How have you developed new “traditions” with your child in spite of special needs?
  3. Words matter… Do you find yourself speaking about your child with special needs in front of them?
  4. Do you become frustrated with your child’s issues or behaviors and speak negative words to your child? This section truly hit home with me.
  5. Continuing our theme of writing down 3 blessings each day, might you counter your frustration by daily writing down what you like best about your child?
  6. They say it takes 10 positive remarks to counter every negative remark we make. How might we speak life into our children AND our spouses?

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Barb Dittrich

Group Co-Leader