Last night Becky and I went to a fund-raiser banquet for another local non-profit ministry we support.  So we had to arrange for a sitter for Jon Alex. With his profound special needs, we really just have one sitter for him. She has been with us for years and has a very special bond with our son, and we trust her completely.

When we returned home after the event, she informed us Jon Alex was asleep in his room, all tucked in for the night. But when Becky slipped into his room to check on him, he was sitting up in his bed wide awake watching the door!

Being non-verbal he couldn't speak up to let us know, but there he sat just waiting for us to come home and say good-night.

We said good night to him and then prayed softly over him, covered him up, and he drifted off to sleep.

This happens every time we go away for the evening. He will just sit in his bed waiting for us to return. He will n0t go to sleep until we have come in, spoken to him, and assured him that we are home.

He yearns for that last conversation before he can rest for the night. Sometimes he gives up if it's really late. But the minute he hears us come into the house, he pops right up eagerly and expectantly.

Because we are his everything.

I was thinking about that last night and it made me wonder. "Does God sit there at night eagerly desiring to have a conversation with me before I retire for the evening?"

I bet he desires to have a conversation (prayer) from me every night. And how often do I disappoint him by not doing so because I'm tired, or busy, or have other things on my mind?

I started thinking how my son would feel if he had waited up hours just to hear from me before bed and I let him down. What would he feel and think if I just ignored him, and went on as if he wasn't there?

How disappointed he would feel.

I bet God is just like that. I bet he anxiously craves that last moment of my attention at night just like my son. He wants to be the first thing on our mind in the morning, and for our last thoughts of the night to be on him.

Because he is our everything.