She doesn’t understand why he seems to just “check out” on her and their son all the time. He’s there but sometimes in body only. She gets frustrated, resentful, lonely, and feels like she is the only one making an effort anymore. He lies awake at night angry at this situation in his life that he cannot fix. It seemingly has taken over their lives and dominates all their time, energy, and even conversations.

Things have never been the same between the two of them since their son received his diagnosis. Everything in their life was turned upside down at that time and it has affected their own relationship with each other.

They are tired, overwhelmed at times, and even though most of the time they have it together, sometimes the day-to-day grind takes a toil on them.  She wants to talk about it but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

It’s hard to talk about their relationship as parents of children with special needs with anyone else in their lives because most people just don’t “get it.”

And so the divorce rate among special needs couples continues to escalate. And the number of “vacant dads,” those who are there in a physical sense only, grows dramatically.

We “get it” because we’ve lived it ourselves. And in our 22 years of marriage, 15 of which include raising our own son with special needs, we understand the complexities, difficulties, and challenges this journey produces in our relationships.

That's why we started the Two-gether Marriage Retreat for couples with special needs children.

Some people just need a night away to refresh their relationships, some just need some encouragement to strengthen it, and some relationships are looking for hope, fulfillment, and ways to grow. Whatever the case, I hope you will join Becky and I, along with some other special guests, for our second annual Two-gether Marriage Retreat for couples raising a child with special needs on April 27-28 at the Downtown Chattanooga Marriott.

We are going to laugh, have fun, and receive encouragement to strengthen our relationships and lighten our loads. And it’s all geared for couples with an individual with special needs. The event is only $39 per couple and the hotel offers a special room rate when you register for the event.

Follow this link for more information and online registration. We would love to have you join us next month! And help us spread the word to others you know who could benefit from this event.