And so...

He feels so poorly that he can barely sit up. So she holds him gently and whispers reassurances that it's going to be all right. His eyes go wide as he throws up what little food he has eaten in the past 24 hours. So she cleans him up and changes his pajamas.

His skin is warm to the touch because of a low-grade fever. So every few minutes she checks his temperature to make sure it doesn't climb higher.

He's non-verbal and can't speak to tell her what's wrong. So she recognizes his need from 13 years experience caring for him around the clock.

He can't get to his bed on his own or even climb under the covers because of his special needs. So she assists him the whole way, places him bed, and checks on him all through the night to make sure he stays covered.

He's sick and feeling miserable. So she stays by his side attending to his every need.

He's up a lot at night and can't cry out if he needs her. So she stays up with him and is there just in case he does need her.

His body aches from the sickness. So she rubs his back and neck with a soothing touch.

He is pretty helpless when he gets sick. So she lays down her life to help him get better.

Despite the fact that she is sick as well.

That doesn't matter to her.

Her special needs son needs her. So she fights through her own aches and illness so she can fight for him.

She doesn't say anything. He can't say anything.

But he knows.

And so he reaches up his wide spread arms and hugs her neck. And with a big toothy grin he kisses her cheek.

Because he knows he needs her. And now she knows she needs him.

And so for one moment, I got a glimpse of the glory of the Lord.

And watching them both,  I realize the gift that I have received.