"Surviving Life's Storms" Week 3 (Monday)

SLS Remember....He sees youHope you had a great weekend! Take a minute to watch this week's video. When we are in the middle of storm it is easy to feel like God is not there or that He has abandoned us when we need Him the most. Knowing that He is there even if it does not feel like it is critical to surviving the storms we face. 1. Have there been times in your life when you felt God left you all to survive a storm without help? 2. Why is it so easy to feel abandoned during storms and think God is not there? 3. Someone once said, “The only way to fully understand what God is doing is to look back at the situation. You won’t be able comprehend what He is doing by focusing on the present”. Describe a time when you felt all alone but in looking back you could see God was there all along. 4. Read Matthew 14:22-36. These verses tell us that when His disciples were in the boat Jesus went to the mountains to pray. From the mountains, Jesus would have been able to see all of the lake and able to see the men the entire time. Does it change your perspective on the passage to know that from Jesus’ vantage point on the mountain top he would have been able to keep his disciples in view the entire time during the storm?