So Simple, Why Can't I Get It?

I have to be the least musically gifted man walking the earth. I can't play any instruments and I certainly can't sing. I admire those who can so much  and I get envious of their abilities and gifts. My childhood past is littered with failed attempts at lessons in both guitar and piano.

The most humiliating experience was a few years ago. My son Jon Alex has always loved to have us sing over him. For the longest time the only way I could get him to relax at night and fall asleep, was to sing "Jesus Loves Me" over and over.

So I decided to take guitar lessons one more time just to learn that one song. I was told it only takes three chords to learn, so every Friday I had a local worship leader come over to the office and try to teach me that song on the guitar.

The poor guy had never had a student as bad as me. We spent months just trying to master that song.

Finally the big moment arrived. I gathered Becky and Jon Alex together in the den, and performed my masterpiece!

When I was done, I looked expectantly at my wife who said, "That was good...what was it?"

She didn't even recognize "Jesus Loves Me" when I tried to play it!

I remember thinking, "It's so simple, how come I can't get it?"

I was thinking about that this weekend. I see so many people who feel abandoned, forgotton, and tossed aside. I see so many people living in fear, shame and guilt who can not let go of the past. I see so many people trying to work their way into heaven. I see people crushed under the false notion that they have to do something to earn God's love and grace.

I see so many people who just feel unlovable and unusable.And I scream inside, "it's so simple, why can't we learn it?

"Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. " Just like the song says.

It really is that simple...if only we could grasp what it really means.

It means you can let go of the past. It means you can forgive yourself and pick yourself back up. It means your life has a purpose, a plan, and a destiny. It means you don't have to seek approval from others or validation and self worth based on what others think.It means you are not being punished for your past. It means you haven't been forgotten or abandoned.

It means everything. And it really is that simple.

Some of us learned that song in kindergarten. If only we "learned" it now.