I posted earlier this month that I knew God would use my recent health scare for his purposes. I already am witnessing that every day. I've always thought that one of the things that made me effective in disability ministry was that I am myself the father of a son with profound special needs.

I have always felt that I was blessed with perspective to understand the feelings, needs, and mind set of the special needs community since our family is going through that journey ourselves.

After all, who better to minister to people with a drinking problem than a recovered alcoholic himself? Who better to minister to someone who has lost a spouse, been in an abusive relationship, or battled addition than someone who has walked the same path?

Because of our experiences with our own son it has made me more effective and more equipped to minister to the special needs community.

But now for a few months, God is blessing me with a difficult, challenging, yet in the end,  rewarding new opportunity for perspective.

You see, although it's just for a few months, I myself have become an individual with special needs.

I am confined to a wheelchair, limited in what I can do, and completely dependent on others for everything in my life right now. Someone has to give me medicines throughout the day, prepare my meals, bathe me, dress me, and assist me with the most basic functions.

I get frustrated, angry, and depressed sometimes. And even though its only for a few months, I struggle with it. And now I see how people who are dealing with it every day, like my son, must feel sometimes.

I get it. I'm living it. I'm walking through it myself.

God has broken me in more ways than I can count. And all of a sudden my perspective is growing every day.

I understand why Jesus came to earth to live before dying for us.

He had to live it himself.  Every day. He got it. He understood everything- every emotion, every feeling, every thing you and I experience, he walked it himself. His suffered pain, trials, and experiences for himself while on earth. Perspective.

God will use my trial to not only bring me closer to Him, but to make me a better ambassador to the special needs community on his behalf.

This ordeal has nothing to do with me. I was simply chosen to be used by him as the instrument.

This ordeal is about bringing more people into his kingdom. This ordeal is to advance his purposes, honor his name, and draw more people to Him.

To God be the glory.