No Wonder

Allies begin airstrikes on Libya. Smoke billows from Japanese nuclear plant as school kids still wait on parents.

Radiation found in Japanese milk and vegetables.

Foreign plot foiled in Bahrain.

Death toll in Japan tsunami disaster climbs to 21,000.

Forty-eight miners die in Pakistan.

I came back from lunch today and those are the news headlines on my laptop.

As I go about the rest of my day, those things will linger in the back of my head.

When I get home tonight I will sort through vast medical bills from my son's recent hospitalization and my own eye surgery earlier this year. I'll try to figure out what I can pay this month, knowing I'll be paying in more income tax next month as well.

That remind me, I need to start organizing my documents, statements, and receipts to get to the accountant right away in preparation for doing my income taxes.The yard needs mowing, Becky's computer has crashed, and I'm pretty sure one of our fish in the aquarium is eating the other fish one by one.

As I get ready for bed tonight I'll be thinking about all the meetings, deadlines, and responsibilities I face this week.

Meanwhile, in his bed room, Jon Alex will kiss his mom on the cheek, roll over so I can cover him up, and will be asleep before we can even slip out of his room.

He doesn't even know Japan and Libya exist. Today when he was hungry, all he knows is someone made sure he had plenty to eat at every meal. His every need was provided for all day. He never even thought about what would happen next.

He spent his time surrounded by people who love him unconditionally, take care of all his needs, and make sure he lacks for nothing. He enjoyed a day with no stress, no anxiety, and no worry.

He rode in the back seat of the car trusting his Dad to plot the course, and get him safely home. He never questioned the route or the manner in which I guided us.

He was grateful for every meal, every act of kindness, and every sign of provision.

He found joy in the simple things, contentment with a few things, and celebrated love above all things.

His approach to life epitomizes the way God wants us to relate to and trust in him.

So I lay in bed wide awake while he slips off to dreamland within seconds of climbing into bed.

No wonder.