With his limitations due to his special needs, my son Jon Alex has a fairly predictable, routine, and structured day. In fact he can go days following the same schedule and pattern with little variation. He has no choice in the matter really. It is simply a matter of what he can and what he cannot do. His autism mandates structure and routine. His physical limitations cannot be ignored either.

I on the other hand am not wired that way. I need variety. I need to have different experiences each day. I have always said that I am at my best when my life is right on the edge, threatening to spin into chaos.

But I have never seen anyone in my life smile as much as my son. He constantly has a little grin on his face. In “the world” he shouldn’t have much to smile about at all.

Yet he is the picture of absolute joy in seemingly all things. The little things. A few things. All things.

Everyone who encounters him throughout the day comments on how he brightens their day. Time after time we hear about how he lifted someone’s spirits or lightened their mood just by his presence.

That made me think about myself. How many people would say the same thing about me?

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my world and all that I have going on that I literally forget about the people around me. If I’m open and transparent, I probably go days sometimes without bringing a smile to anyone’s face much less brightening their day.

My wife says sometimes I look like I’m scowling even when I’m just sitting there minding my own business.

Why is it that my son can be so happy all the time when we struggle through our days sometimes?

The reason is because Jon Alex doesn’t live in this world. Jon Alex’s spirit is pure and untouched. His soul sings. In his world his father loves him unconditionally, and will provide his every need.

There’s a lesson there for the rest of us. When we realize that our Father loves us unconditionally and provides our every need, our joy should spill over and out. Others will see our joy, admire our faith, and we will brighten the day of everyone around us.

Think of how awesome it would be if you had the reputation of being the one who always brightened everyone else's day.