It's Time

It's Time. One of my favorite all-time movies is Hoosiers. For me it's right up there with Rudy as best sports movie ever.

There's a great scene in the movie where basketball coach Norman Dale, played by Gene Hackman, is about to be fired in a town meeting. Suddenly, the best player in town, Jimmy Chitwood,  who had quit playing a few months earlier, shows up at the town meeting and declares, "I figure it's time for me to start playing ball again."

Six months ago I took a break from writing Elevate. At first I figured I would just take maybe a month off and then pick it up after the holidays. Somewhere along the line during that time the passion and desire to write just left me. So I never picked it back up.

Lately I've been re-looking at some things in my life about my relationship and walk with God. Wondering like we all do from time to time, what is it, and when is it, that I feel closest to God? Because I want and need more of that in my life.

I started praying Colossians 1:9 over myself about a month ago. In that passage Paul tells the Colossians he is praying that they will come to know the will of God for their lives with all knowledge and understanding. Since I began that prayer, God is making me increasingly restless. I'm not sure what that means fully yet. But I do know this. As Jimmy Chitwood might say:

"I figure it's time I start writing again."

Somewhere I got the misguided notion that I was writing for you. Somewhere I started thinking this blog was my way of blessing you. Now don't hear me wrong. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by what I write here. I hope it teaches you, inspires you, and challenges you.

But I have to repent of having that as my reason for writing.

Here's what I've learned all over again lately. God wired me to write. God gave me the skill set and talent for this. So when I use what He has given me, it brings Him pleasure.

And one other thing I've learned.

When I do what He he called me and equipped me to do, not only does it bring Him pleasure, but it draws me closer to Him. I'm closer to God when I do what he created me to do and I'm fulfilling His purpose for my life.

When I figured that out, the desire  and passion came back.

So it's time to write again.

Not for you. But for Him.

What about you? What's it time for in your life?