"I Can Fix This"

A couple of weeks ago I broke my right foot. Actually it's broken in several places. I went to see an orthopedist who took x-rays, examined my foot, and said really for this type of injury there is just not a whole lot that can be done. A condition I have caused it and from his standpoint there isn't really any way to fix it. My best option was to learn how to live and cope with it and hope for the best. The foot would be permanently deformed as the bones would just haphazardly fuse back on their own.

Faced with that prospect, I decided to seek out an expert specialist and have him take a look. So I made an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon at a well-known medical university hospital for an evaluation.

I went in and had the foot examined and a whole new series of x-rays were made.

While I waited for the surgeon to come in and give me his opinion, I must admit to a certain amount of fear and trepidation. What if I have to just deal with this condition all my life? What if there is nothing that can be done? What if this is just hopeless?

When the surgeon came in, we exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes, and then he got right to the point.

"Your foot is an absolute mess. It's a wreck. But I can fix this. I know how to treat this and we're going to fix your foot for you. That's what we do. It won't be easy, but I deal with this all the time and I can take care of it."

All of the apprehension, fear, worry and dread just drained off of me. In an instant I just felt so much relief to know it wasn't hopeless, that it could be fixed.

That started me thinking. So many time we make a mess of things in our lives that need fixing. But we buy into the lies that it's hopeless, that we just have to learn to live with it.

And so we go one feeling like our life is too messed up, that there is nothing that can be done.  We keep going, trying to do life, while holding onto conditions that we could get relief from.

Guilt, shame, anger, bitterness, fear and anxiety, jealously, depression.

Or we think our lives are just too broken to be fixed.

When all the time, God is sitting there saying to us, "I can fix this. This is what I do. No matter what the condition of your life, no matter what is broken- I can fix you. That's what I do. I deal with this all the time, it's my specialty, please let me fix this for you."

But it's up to us to make an "appointment" to go see the "Great Physician." I happen to know his office is open 24  hours a day, seven days a week. He never closes.

Go ahead and call him today. You don't have to keep living with it one more day.

Go ahead and call him.