I am a self-admitted control freak. For most of my married life I have always insisted on driving us. Anytime we were going somewhere together, I always drove. Even if I were going somewhere with friends or co-workers, I insisted on driving. I liked being in control. I liked determining the route and controlling the situation, speed, and path to our destination.

But last fall, thanks to my broken right foot and resulting damage, I had to begin letting Becky drive whenever we went anywhere. For several months while in a cast, she had to chauffeur me around everywhere I went.

I hated it at first.

She drives differently from me. She takes different routes than I would choose. I'm not in control anymore. She dictates the speed, the path, the timing, and the route. At first I would pout and say things like, "why are you going this way?" Or I would say, "slow down" or "I don't like going this way, let's go my route I always go."

I just couldn't handle not being in control anymore. I want to adjust the mirrors, arrange the seats, pick the radio station, determine the routes and when we stop. I want to monitor the gas, pick my speed,  steer the wheel and guide the car.

I really need to learn from my son Jon Alex.

When we put Jon Alex in the car, he just settles back to enjoy the ride. He never questions the destination. He never questions the route. He doesn't even ask where we are going or care how we get there.

He just sits back and enjoys the ride. Whether it's sunny or stormy, it doesn't matter with him.

He's content to go to whatever destination we go,  and pays no matter to how we get there. He just trusts me. Detours don't faze him. He has no interest in being in control or even knowing what's going on or where we're headed. He just sits in the backseat and  lets Dad handle the rest. That way he rides along in complete peace.

I tend to live my life like I drive. I want to steer the wheel. I want to decide where I'm going in life and how I'm going to get there. I want to determine the pace of my life and be in control. I want to plan my own life and control every aspect of it.

Remember the old bumper sticker, "God is my co-pilot." Sometimes I act like I don't want him even in the car.

The reality is that God wants me to be like Jon Alex. God wants me to slip into the backseat and enjoy the ride while letting him take care of the rest. God wants me to trust him completely and surrender control. "Let me drive," he whispers.

Jon Alex has it figured out. I could learn a lot from him.