Dear Special Needs Dads

Dear Special Needs Dad,

There is an urgent need in our community and you are the only ones who can help us!

After Jeff passed away my biggest fear was that his dream would die with him. His passion was to see the fathers of children with special needs rise up and become a true Band of Brothers. He even wrote a book to that end which will be released in the coming months, and I feel it is my duty to say to you what he would say.

Men, without you the special needs community and Rising Above Ministries will fail. Without you our families will be torn apart and lives will be devastated. We need you to come together and become an even stronger force for good in the special needs community. We want you to lead us. We want you to do what you were created to do. We need our heroes!

Learning how to parent Jon Alex on my own without Jeff, I have come to realize even more acutely how important your role is. Men bring a sense of stability, purpose, and protection that cannot be replaced. So many women have to face the special needs life on their own and we need our men! There is a God given grace on you to bring your strength and force to create positive change in the world. I am asking you to show up for us.

The first place I want to invite you to show up is the SOAR retreat. I get it, you don’t really want to go, but we need you. Would you be willing to come explore a new direction for the men’s ministry at Rising Above? Would you be willing to come meet other men and begin forming the Band of Brothers Jeff dreamed about? Would you help lead the movement? You can help create a place that other dads will be drawn to and in doing so you will also be encouraged and strengthened.

I know men have taken a beating lately with all the Hollywood drama and negative news, but I want you to hear me say this...the special needs community will not survive without you. We need you to show the world what good men look like. We want you and we need you!

Please consider joining other special needs dads at the SOAR retreat on April 20-22 and become a part of a movement born in the heart of my husband. Please help make Jeff’s dream come true!

In humble gratitude -

Becky Davidson