Day 4 Book Group Discussion Questions

Photo image courtesy of Continuing with Chapter 2, Jeff makes powerful points about grief. He truthfully reminds readers that husbands and wives grieve in very different ways.

  1. Have you found the different ways each spouse grieves to be a strain on your relationship?  How?  How are you working through that?
  2. Jeff also talks in this chapter about the expectations of others.  Have you found those expectations to be something that deepens your grief?  How might we set boundaries with others when we are grieving without adding to our isolation?
  3. Finally, Jeff warns on page 11 of entering a state of “chronic sorrow” if we don’t learn to manage and understand the grief cycle.  “Living with chronic sorry means never fully escaping the sadness and despair that is associated with having a child with special needs.”  How are you managing and understanding the grief cycle?  Have you come to realize that it does not necessarily follow a straight path?  Do you find yourself stuck in a state of “chronic sorrow”?


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Barb Dittrich

Group Co-Leader