"Control Freaks" Week 3 Wednesday

1 Timothy 2-1 (NLT) I urge you, first of Our verse yesterday was about how God will fight for us, we just need to be still. Special-needs parents often feel that we have to fight for the needs of our children especially when it comes to their medical  and educational needs.

One of the best ways we can relinquish control and allow God to fight for our children is through prayer. Praying for those who work with our children is the most powerful weapon we have.

Every day on the way to school we pray for everyone who will work with our son. Here are some of the things we pray for.

  • Wisdom from God for those working with him to know the best ways to help him.
  • For everyone working with him to treat him with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Wisdom for those in leadership (SPED director, Director of Schools, Principals) to see what they need to see in each SPED classroom and to do what is best for our children.
  • For God to only put the best people with our children in SPED and to remove anyone who should not be working with our children.
  • For our son to be protected and safe while at school.

We have had situations where there have been staffing changes at school that we did not understand or like at the time.  However, we could have peace about those changes because for years we had prayed for God to put His best people with our son.

  1. How can praying for those who work with our children help us trust God and help us relinquish control?
  1. What are some specific things you pray for your child?
  1. Have you had an experience with a medical or school professional that did not make sense at the time but, looking back, you can see how God had a better plan?