"Control Freaks" Week 2 Thursday

Romans 8-28 Several years ago we had a situation where we made an appointment for our son to see a medical professional for a specific reason. We had selected this person because we felt she would be the best person to help us. When we got to the office, the nurse led us to an exam room and as she was leaving, she informed us that the person we were there to see was not in that day and we would be seeing someone else. My heart sank and I went into panic mode. I looked at my husband and asked if he thought we needed to reschedule for when the other person was back.  He said “no.” and I reluctantly agreed. As we waited, I started praying today’s verses over and over again. I prayed, “God, your word says that You cause all things to work together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose for them. You knew this was going to happen when we made the appointment. I know Jon Alex loves you and he is called according to your purpose. I know you love Him and want what is best for Him. I believe You are going to work this situation out for Jon Alex’s good.”

As it turned out, the person we ended up seeing was just the right person we needed to see! Everything worked out better than what we had thought or could have imagined.

I had a choice to make when we found out that the plans were not as we thought they would be. I could try to be in control by leaving the appointment or I could wait, pray and see if this plan was actually better.

God’s ways may not make sense to us at the time. What we think is good may be different from what He considers good. If we love Him and are walking in His will and asking for His guidance, we can trust that He will work things out for good.

  1. How can Romans 8:28 help us as we strive to NOT be “Control Freaks”?
  2. Share an experience where God worked a situation out for good even though it may not have seen that way at first.