"Control Freaks" Week 2 Friday

  Week 2 wrap up

As we wrap up week 2 of our series let’s look at a quote from Jeff Davidson’s book, “No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches; a father, a son with special needs and their journey with God”.

From pages 26-27:

The sovereignty of God means that all things are under God’s authority and control, and that nothing happens without his direction, knowledge or permission. He is aware of everything. God works all things according to his own will and purposes. Absolutely nothing takes him by surprise or catches him off guard. God has the power and right to govern all things, and does so without exception.

In a very simple but easy to understand manner, here is what I have concluded it means in my life. Everything in my life, good or bad, was either allowed to happen to me or given to me by God. This doesn’t mean everything bad in my life is because God caused it. We do live with free will in a sinful, fallen world. But his sovereignty dictates that ultimately, his power supersedes all else, and his purposes are greater than my temporary circumstances.

God didn’t get up off the couch one day to go get something out of the refrigerator, turn his back for an instant, and slap his forehead saying. ‘Whoa! What happened? I turned my back for a moment and the Davidsons have a child with special needs? I sure didn’t see that coming.’ Nothing catches God by surprise or off guard. My child with special needs was not an accident.”


  1. Share your thoughts on how this quote relates to our “Control Freaks” series?


  1. How can knowing that nothing that happens is a surprise to God help bring us peace as we raise our children with special needs?