"Control Freaks" Week 1 Thursday

Proverbs 13-10 Another main reason special-needs parents may feel they need to be in control is pride.

As special needs parents, we tend to be particular in the ways we want things done regarding our children. We may think that our way is the best way when in reality there may be other and better ways of doing something. This can be a form of pride.

1.Does it cause you to become anxious when someone like a grandparent, teacher or your spouse does something differently from you, even if their way causes no harm to your child?

2.Have you had an experience where someone did something differently from the way you would have regarding your child and it actually was a better way?

3.Has there been a time when God didn’t answer a prayer the way you were hoping and in looking back now you can see that His plan was better?

4.How does Proverbs 13:10 relate to our “Control Freaks” series?