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How To Be

Today, my son who has profound special needs turns 21. His life could not look more different than mine did at that age. He is not in college dreaming about his career. He is not pondering his future or how he will make his fortune. He is not chasing a pot of gold or climbing the ladder of success. Those are the things most young men are doing at his age, but Jon Alex operates on a different level…

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How To Quit [Part 3] with Jennifer Greene

Surrender doesn’t mean that we stop playing an active role in our future, but it does mean that we step back and let the Holy Spirit begin directing us. So back to that thing you quit.Was it a role? A job? A responsibility you inherited or for which you volunteered? Something imposed upon you? Think about that thing right now. And then consider it in light of this verse…

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How To Quit [Part 1] with Jennifer Greene

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to give up? If your life circumstances were a job, you would not even bother with a 2-week notice. You’d say, “I quit!” and high tail it out of there, running away with the determination of Forrest Gump. I’m with you on this. For many of us, this feeling can last not only days, but for weeks, months, or even years…

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