Jon Alex's basketball trophy

Six dollars and fifty cents.


Two cups of coffee at Starbucks. Lunch for two off the McDonalds dollar menu. One large popcorn at the movie theater. 

That's what you can get for $6.50 these days.

The other day though I saw $6.50 change a life.

I've written before about a program my son participates in called Structured Athletics for Challenged Children, (SACC.) SAAC is a program for children with disabilities that does whatever it takes to let those with special needs play sports like basketball, bowling, soccer, baseball and gymnastics. It's an amazing program started by a good friend of mine, Kim Wise, who acted out her own holy discontent and determination that her son with Down's Syndrome needed to be able to play sports just like his typical brothers. (Don't get in the way of a determined mom of a child with special needs by the way.)

Last week we wrapped up basketball season. If you have ever watched kids with such physical challenges and limitations play with sheer joy, excitement and enthusiasm-- you'll never be able to watch an NBA game again without disgust.

There was a new boy in my son's group participating for the very first time this year. At the conclusion of the last game, it was trophy time.

When his name was called he walked to center court, and just like every other participant, was awarded what was his first trophy.

I watched his eyes go wide and then his jaw dropped. For a moment it seemed to me like time stood still.

He just stood there. Mouth wide open. Frozen.

Then in a voice just barely over a whisper he said, "It's beautiful." Then he quietly added "it's just amazing."

As he continued to stand there, I felt privileged that God had allowed me to witness it. 

In that moment was acceptance, validation, affirmation, and a moment one little boy and one 41-year old witness won't soon forget.

I remember when I won my first trophy. I would get up at night and flip on the light just to look at it again. I bet he did the same thing.

I called Kim and asked her how much the trophy cost.


Can you really make a difference in someones life for $6.50?

In today's world jobs are being lost, families are hurting and people have lost their hope. Stress, loneliness, and despair are rising. People you know, work with, go to church with, live around, and interact with every day are dying inside.

Sometimes just little acts of kindness, compassion or empathy make a big impact in someones life. Little moments where you show someone you care about what is going on in their life can make an incredible difference.

You can bring hope. You can bring encouragement. You can bring "beautiful" into eyes that only see brokenness.

Make a phone call. Speak encouragement. Write a note. Strike up a conversation. Walk across the street, the aisle, or the yard. Send a text or an email. Let someone know they matter. Let someone know you care.

You can impact a lot of lives for less than seven bucks.