Thank you to our dear friend, Hannah Kistler!

Hannah headshot.jpg

Have you ever gotten an monthly email update from Rising Above Ministries? Have you been encouraged by the memes or online connect group? Have you enjoyed the podcasts and blogs we have posted?

If you answered yes to these questions, our sweet friend, Hannah Kistler, is your encourager. She has been the master behind the computer who has kept our online community connected and engaged. Her creative gifts have been the cornerstone of our marketing plans, beautiful bible verse memes, and so much more!

It’s not easy finding pictures of Hannah at our events because she is generally the one with the camera around her neck! Her laughter and positivity have been a staple of our team.

Hannah is leaving our staff to stay home with her boys and pour into her family through homeschooling. Even though we are a little sad, we could not be happier for her and her family!

We have been so honored to have her as part of our team over the years. We are blessed to call her friend and will forever be grateful to her for using her gifts to bless the families we serve.

WE LOVE YOU!!! - The Rising Above Team

Kimberly ThorpeComment